We have lauched our new website!
We have completely re-built our public website and hope that you enjoy them.

On the new site we have tried to focus more on the general information of our services and the expertise we have at PatoGen, while the more specific information that customers seek will be more and more provided through our customer portal Patolink.

We invite you as a visitor to give us feedback and suggestions, so please send us a few lines to post@patogen.no

New bacteriology service ready to start in Oban
New bacteriology service ready to start in Oban!
Our laboratory located in Oban is currently in the final stages of establishing our own bacteriology service.
Head Veterinarian
PatoGen would like to increase our offering to UK aquaculture companies, and we are searching for an experienced veterinarian to lead and manage this effort.
Water Screening – a new product from PatoGen!
Lately we have experienced an increased focus on the infection status in water and water sources, with requests from several of our customers to see if we can check their water for pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms).