Training course: Fish health, welfare and biosecurity in trout farming

Thanks to the Cure4Aqua EU-funded project (, we would like to invite you join the next training on Fish Health, Welfare, and Biosecurity in Trout Farming on May 8th (13:00 - 17:00, CET).

This training will be online and is aimed at trout farm managers, trout farm staff, technical personnel, biologists, and service & supply staff.

The tutors of the training course will be Hamish Rodger, Meritxell Diez-Padrisa, and Ana Herrero (PatoGen).

Course attendance is free, thanks to Horizon Europe funding. For registration, please sign up following the instructions:

This course aims to cover various relevant aspects of fish health, welfare, and disease management, such as fish anatomy, fish responses to diseases, good welfare practices, and operational welfare indicators.

Updated information on key diseases affecting trout farming in Europe will be provided. Additionally, the course will emphasise the importance of optimal biosecurity practices and their role in animal production and disease prevention.

Participants will gain insights into the anatomy of trout, as well as learn optimal techniques for necropsy and disease investigation.

For more details, see Cure4Aqua_Leaflet_TrainingCourse

Head Veterinarian
PatoGen would like to increase our offering to UK aquaculture companies, and we are searching for an experienced veterinarian to lead and manage this effort.
Water Screening - et nytt produkt fra PatoGen!
Den siste tiden har vi opplevd økt fokus på smittestatus i vann og vannkilder, og et ønske fra flere av våre kunder om å sjekke deres vann for patogener (sykdomsfremkallende mikroorganismer).
PatoGen styrker sitt Fiskehelseteam
Meritxell Diez-Padrisa har blitt en del av PatoGens Fiskehelseteam som Senior Fish Health Advisor